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Hampshire Self Protection is a Basingstoke Martial Arts & Self Defence club taught by Black Belt, Enhanced DBS checked and first aid trained Instructor: Ian Rand. He has been taught by world-renowned self defence and martial arts instructors, including Al Peasland (Personal Safety expert and founder of Complete Self Protection martial arts club); Geoff Thompson (Polled as the Number 1 self-defence instructor in the world and the most influential martial artist since Bruce Lee, and joint chief instructor of the BCA and BCKA with Peter Consterdine); Peter Consterdine (International Security Consultant and Professional Bodyguard with over 40 years of experience in martial arts and self defence); along with many more world-class martial arts and self defence instructors. 

Ian has trained for 29 years and his Basingstoke martial arts and self-defence classes cover realistic applications of martial arts, such as traditional Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) MMA, weapons and knife defence, Kali Escrima, and other Japanese, Chinese and Filipino Martial Arts as well as practical self-defence skills.

Classes are suitable for young adults (aged 12+) and adults of all genders. If you are also interested in classes suitable for anyone aged under 12, please click the link below.


Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes
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My son aged 7 and I have just had our first self protection class with Ian and it was great fun and an interesting learning experience.

Ian is very honest and patient (an absolute must when it comes to me and my son!) and a real joy to be taught by, he is obviously very passionate and well trained in what he does and this really comes across in his classes.

I would recommend to anyone to give this a go and to gain the opportunity to learn the best way to protect yourself and your family by someone who really knows his stuff.

Anon - a satified mum and

My Grandson started with Hampshire Self Protection about 5 months ago and attends twice a week. He is autistic and it was at first a concern as to how he would manage and cope. We had tried lots of groups and clubs previously, but after a few weeks, his enthusiasm always dwindled. However, Jake was welcomed into the Mixed Martial Arts class and has gained so much confidence because Ian Rand has such a positive attitude that achievements can be made. Jake has now gained his first belt and is looking forward to his next challenge. My thanks go not only to Ian but to all the non-judgemental class members who are learning alongside Jake and have helped to make him grow into the young teenager that I am very proud of.

Pam Bartlett
Both my boys go twice a week, initially through the school and they love it. Both boys had confidence issues when they started, and now I would struggle to describe Louie as shy and Archie comes home every Thursday night high as a kite, just in time for bed. Highly recommended.

Lee Nightingale


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